August 17, 2005
Ugly Shoes Are In
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Crocs is going public.  If you haven't seen them -- imagine rubbery clogs with holes in them.  They are pretty comfy, though.

Maybe it's a status thing --- I'm so hip, I can even wear ugly shoes.

Kidscayman_lime_thumb1 Or maybe it's fashion for the unfashionable.  A reliable source on fashion reports that they are popular in Boulder (where the company was founded), and I noticed lots of crocs in Burlington VT when I was up there in May.  And I hear they are doing well in Europe.

Normally I don't pay so much attention to footwear, but my UCLA office neighbor (and tax and Deals legend) Bill Klein has been trying to get me to wear these things for two years now -- I think his nephew is a founder or something. 

Sorry Bill, I gotta stick with my Reefs (right) , notwithstanding the Crocs IPO.  0343_royalgreengrey

But if you have any Friends and Family allocation, you are definitely buying me lunch next time.   

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