September 25, 2005
Call Me "Coach"
Posted by Gordon Smith

I wasn't planning to write about the Wisconsin Badgers beating the Michigan Wolverines. Honest. I took my oldest son to the game, and we had great seats just beside the endzone where the Badgers scored their final two touchdowns to seal the victory. Nevertheless, I was going to keep the experience to myself and my son. Then I read this first paragraph of the recap on ESPN:

Everybody was expecting a run, but a quarterback draw? Nobody anticipated that. Not even the quarterback.

Ehem ... I called it. I won't bore you with the details, but when Badger QB John Stocco crossed the goal line, the fellow on the other side of my son jumped up, gave me a double high-five and said, "You called it!" (Funny how people bond over victory.)

Now, if I could just make a few suggestions at BYU....

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