September 22, 2005
Conference on Taxing Capital Income
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Tomorrow I will be heading to a conference at Brookings on Taxing Capital Income: Do We? Should We? Can We?  Just for kicks, I will keep track of how many times I hear the words "Domar-Musgrave" and "X-tax."  Think bingo for tax nerds.

Academic heavyweights promised to be in attendance include Joel Slemrod (Michigan), Reed Shuldiner (Penn), Alan Auerbach (Berkeley), David Weisbach (Chicago), Julie Roin (Chicago), Joe Bankman (Stanford), and Dan Halperin (Harvard).  Plus Michael Schler from Cravath and Ed Kleinbard from Cleary.  And those are just the folks that I know!  I feel like A3G.

I will try to do some live-blogging if there's wi-fi.  Going into the conference, my sense is that we don't do a very good job of taxing capital income, and it's not clear that we realistically can given the limits of our tax system, nor is it even clear that we should directly tax capital income.  It will be interesting (for me, anyway) to see if I lean towards changing any of those views tomorrow.  One thing I am especially interested in is how this all ties in with the notion of indirectly taxing capital income through a consumption tax. 

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