September 03, 2005
Delaying the AALS Annual Meeting
Posted by Gordon Smith

Earlier in the week, I posted about the AALS Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for the first week in January in New Orleans. From what I can see on the television, it is hard to imagine that the city will be ready for us. Larry Ribstein (channeling Richard McAdams) is suggesting that the AALS support New Orleans by postponing the annual meeting until New Orleans is ready for us, perhaps next spring.

This is a well-intentioned proposal, but I hope we have a better option. Even if New Orleans isn't otherwise overrun with other conventioneers on the proposed dates, those of us who attend the AALS Annual Meeting reserve the first week of January for that purpose, and all other dates in the year are up for grabs. Other conferences, family responsibilities, teaching commitments, etc. will make any alternate dates difficult or impossible for a substantial number of people who otherwise would attend.

In my view, the better option -- if it is feasible -- is to move the AALS Annual Meeting for 2006 to another city, rescheduling New Orleans for 2007. With several thousand attendees, we are not highly mobile, but I suspect that the AALS could find another city eager for the revenue.

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