September 20, 2005
Google v. IceRocket
Posted by Gordon Smith

I am in a quandry about blog searching. Technorati seems too unreliable, so I added IceRocket to our sidebar last week. Today, at Ann Althouse's recommendation, I started comparing IceRocket to Google's new blog search engine. Their results seem very different, but I am not sure which I prefer.

Here's a little test. Search "junior scholars" on all three. A good search engine would retrieve Christine's post from yesterday. IceRocket and Google both succeed, but Technorati fails.

As between the first two, IceRocket's results are presented in reverse chronological order and Christine's post comes in at #2. Google's results can easily be presented by relevance or by date. The relevance search shows 9 of the top 10 results being from Christine's series of posts in the workshop, but none of those are yesterday's post, which came back as the 22nd result. The date search retrieved Christine's post from yesterday as the 8th result.

I have been using IceRocket, and I am relatively happy with it, but for the time being, I will keep my eye on Google's search engine, too. At least for relevance searches, which do not seem to be a feature of IceRocket.

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