September 22, 2005
"His demeanor suggests he well might not be an ideologue"
Posted by Gordon Smith

So many interesting things have been said during the confirmation hearings that this little quip from Charles Schumer probably should pass unremarked, but it reminds me of a discussion that I had with one of my colleagues about Judge Roberts. I have never met Judge Roberts. He seems like a very bright fellow, but I also have the impression that he has led a very calculated life, going to the right schools, taking the right jobs, making the right friends, etc. to prepare himself for high judicial office. Wouldn't it be quite astonishing if a person like that still had the demeanor of an ideologue? I think it would.

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1. Posted by Scott Moss on September 22, 2005 @ 20:50 | Permalink

As a (former) New Yorker, I think I can see where Schumer's thinking went astray. In New York, if you're calm and sedate about an issue, that means you don't feel strongly about it; if you had a strong view, you'd be saying it passionately. In other parts of the country (Wisconsin, for example), that's not the case -- you might express a deeply held view in mild tones. I think Schumer is a bright guy, but a lot of what I've read about him suggests that he retains a Brooklyn-centric world view -- which can lead you astray in, say, drawing inferences from the demeanor of a guy from Indiana....

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