September 04, 2005
Mezzo Secco
Posted by Gordon Smith

This cheese -- whose name means "medium dry" -- has an ivory-colored paste and a brown rind. My first impression on spotting the cheese in the store was "Manchego," but it really isn't much like Manchego. Mezzo Secco is made from cow's milk, not sheep's milk, and has a milder flavor than most Manchego that I have tasted. The Cowgirl Creamery describes the cheese as "a version of Monterey Jack is aged for 3-4 months," and that tells you more about its taste than any adjectives I can conjure. In addition to eating it from a cheese board, my wife and I added slices to a chicken breast sandwich, and that seemed like just the right touch. It bears a remote resemblance to Parmesan and I could imagine it tasting good with pasta. The aroma is slightly sweet and despite the reference to "dryness" in its name, the texture is creamy.

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