September 04, 2005
The Price of Gasoline: A European Perspective
Posted by Gordon Smith

This evening my wife was cleaning away some remnants of our summer stay in Sweden when she stumbled across a receipt for gasoline, which we acquired on one of our Saturday jaunts outside of Lund. We had purchased 44 litres (approximately 11.624 gallons) of gasoline for 481 Swedish crowns (roughly $62 at the then-prevailing conversion rate). The price per gallon: $5.33

For an interesting chart comparing weekly gas prices in six European countries and the U.S. since the beginning of 1996, see here. We shouldn't expect too much sympathy from the other side of the Atlantic.

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1. Posted by Dave! on September 5, 2005 @ 11:23 | Permalink

I just returned from England a few weeks ago, and while there my wife and I rented a car to see some country-side. At ~$6.50 a gallon, it was nearly $100 to fill the tank on our tiny, fuel efficient Nissan rental. As much as I dread filling up here at $3.39/gal., it could be worse.

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