October 23, 2005
Althouse on Miers
Posted by Gordon Smith

After mellowing on the Miers nomination two weeks ago, Ann Althouse is officially advocating withdrawal. This is the core of her position:

I don't require hardcore commitment to a theory -- the conservative's originalism or the liberal's "active liberty" or whatever. John Roberts -- a model nominee -- did not commit himself to any theory of interpretation. What I do require is demonstrable analytical ability. I have seen no evidence of the level of ability that we have an obligation to demand from a Supreme Court justice. This is not a time to be nice or to give an unknown a chance. It's a lifetime appointment. President Bush made a terrible choice, and Miers did not decline. I was willing to wait for the hearings to make a final call, but the handling of the nomination has been so abysmal: the botched questionnaire, the bolstering with religion, the lack of any coherent defense in the face of weeks of criticism. It's just too much! End it, already!

Ann also linked to the best pun about the nominee: "No time to wallow in the Miers." That is an instant classic!

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