October 26, 2005
American Lawyer Article on Jenkens & Gilchrist Video
Posted by Christine Hurt

The law.com alert today features an American Lawyer article on the uproar caused by my posting a video that Jenkens & Gilchrist's Austin office featured prominently on its webpage.  The article quotes extensively from one of our frequent commenters, Scott Moss, who was a plaintiff-side employment discrimination attorney in a former, pre-academic life.  I wanted to clarify a sentence in the article (which neither identified me or called to confirm anything) that stated that the video was "misidentified" as a recruiting video on our site.

Unless we are policing the borders of the definition of "recruiting" unnaturally tightly, I stand by the characterization of the video as a recruiting video.  I was forwarded the video via email, and the original forwarder was a highly-sought-after second-year law student in the state of Texas.  The video was on the front page of the Austin website for the firm.  The video was made to compete in a contest by nominees for a contest to choose "The Best Places to Work in Central Texas."  Having been named "one of the best," J&G put the video on their website, where prospective law students and other employees easily saw it.  I call that a recruiting video.  Perhaps the video wasn't made with the purpose of recruiting law students, but once it was entered in a contest to name the best places to work and put on the website, it was used as such a tool.

Obviously, the video was made in fun.  I'm sure the attorneys there who thought of the video and had fun making it thought nothing of it.  But, as I heard many an attorney say while I was in practice after someone had made a joke, "Yeah, it's always funny until someone reads it back to you at a deposition."

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