October 09, 2005
Corporate Law Paper Downloads
Posted by Gordon Smith

In this week's corporate law downloads from SSRN, Vic's Google paper has moved up to #2. Congrats, Vic!

I am also intrigued by this week's #4 paper, which compares firms that restated their financials with firms that did not. Most corporate governance variables that one might look to as an explanation for the difference turn out not to have explanatory value, but the authors find that "the probability of an accounting restatement is greater for firms where legal and contractual provisions limit shareholder rights and thus encourage management entrenchment." Hmm. Sounds like those of us who have been promoting shareholder rights have another arrow in the quiver.

Here are the Top 5 downloaded corporate law papers over the past 60 days:

1. [253 downloads] Controlling Shareholders and Corporate Governance: Complicating the Comparative Taxonomy by Ronald J. Gilson (Stanford Law School)

2. [173 downloads] Brand New Deal: The Google IPO and the Branding Effect of Corporate Deal Structures by Victor Fleischer (UCLA School of Law)

3. [172 downloads] Dividend Policy and the Earned/Contributed Capital Mix: A Test of the Lifecycle Theory by Harry DeAngelo (USC Marshall School of Business), Linda DeAngelo (USC Marshall School of Business), and René M. Stulz (Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

4. [146 downloads] Strong Boards, Management Entrenchment, and Accounting Restatement by William R. Baber (The George Washington University - Department of Accountancy), Sok-Hyon Kang (The George Washington University), and Lihong Liang (The George Washington University - Department of Accountancy)

5. [143 downloads] Takeovers in the Ivory Tower: How Academics are Learning Martin Lipton May be Right by Lynn A. Stout (UCLA School of Law)

UPDATE: I fixed the download numbers on the first three papers.

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