October 02, 2005
Fab Five Corporate Law Paper Downloads
Posted by Gordon Smith

Following the path blazed by Paul Caron for tax papers, I have decided to offer a weekly glimpse at the top corporate law paper downloads, as calculated by SSRN. As it turns out, I chose a propitious week to start this feature, as our own Vic Fleischer appears on the list for his branding paper. Vic's paper is the most recently posted among the Fab Five, so we might see him moving up in subsequent weeks.

1. [197 downloads] Controlling Shareholders and Corporate Governance: Complicating the Comparative Taxonomy by Ronald J. Gilson (Stanford Law School)

2. [191 downloads] The Superiority of an Ideal Consumption Tax over an Ideal Income Tax by Joseph Bankman (Stanford Law School) and David A. Weisbach (University of Chicago Law School)

3. [172 downloads] In Search of Distress Risk by John Y. Campbell (Harvard University Department of Economics), Jens D. Hilscher (Harvard University), and Jan Szilagyi (Harvard University)

4. [159 downloads] Dividend Policy and the Earned/Contributed Capital Mix: A Test of the Lifecycle Theory by Harry DeAngelo (USC Marshall School of Business), Linda DeAngelo (USC Marshall School of Business), and René M. Stulz (Ohio State University Fisher College of Business)

5. [159 downloads] Brand New Deal: The Google IPO and the Branding Effect of Corporate Deal Structures by Victor Fleischer (UCLA School of Law)

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