October 19, 2005
Google Sued ... Again
Posted by Gordon Smith

A month ago, guest blogger Mike Madison wrote about Google being sued by the Author's Guild. Yesterday, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) joined the party by filing a complaint in the Southern District of New York. The claim is that Google's plan to scan millions of books is a massive violation of copyright. Google had already suspended Print, but claimed to be surprised by the lawsuit.

This is a hugely important development. The W$J quotes Mark Lemley: "The consequences of a loss for Google are enormous. If the publishers were to actually prevail in this lawsuit, I think it would be essentially impossible to maintain a search engine."

Meanwhile, the AAP is attempting to elicit public sympathy. According to Patricia Schroeder, president of the AAP and a former U.S. representative from Colorado, "They look like two sweet Stanford students, but in this case we're David and they're Goliath."

No one has sued the Print competitor called the Open Content Alliance, which has an "opt in" policy for copyrighted works, as opposed to Google's "opt out" policy.

In other news, Google Print Expands in Europe!

UPDATE: You can find the Complaint here.

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