October 25, 2005
How much are Gordon, Vic, and Christine worth?
Posted by David Zaring

My three gracious hosts aren’t exactly running The Conglomerate like a business – I eagerly await ads, guys – but they’re still rocking a niche market, and they’re early adopters of a blog technology that’s making people rich. How rich? Jason Calcanis sold his large but boring network of blogs for somewhere between $20 and $35 million; he claims $2 million per year in Google Adsense revenues. Nick Denton might be making $250,000 per year minimum, on his much more interesting, and more highly trafficked network. And Joshua Micah Marshall is – or at least was – apparently rolling in a fountain of money.

But these entrepreneurs aren’t in the law blog game. And, although we’ve seen some sponsorship deals, and a new advertising aggregator, I’ve heard one prominent writer describe the revenue stream in legal blogging as “about a dollar an hour.” Hmmm. That’s not a fountain of money. The psychic compensation must be correspondingly immense.

Still, psychic, schmychic. This is a Conglomerate we’re expounding. Cuanto dinero? I invited comment on the dollar value of law blogs from a few law bloggers who do accept sponsorship; perhaps unsurprisingly, they weren’t willing to speculate or reveal much about the vast sums they and their fellow blogs might be making.

So I decided to turn to fantasyland for an answer to my question. Or, more precisely, to an algorithm taken the from the value of the Weblogs-AOL deal and the Technorati profile of the blog in question.

So how much are Gordon, Vic, and Christine worth, according to this highly random algorithm?  $135,489.60.

Not too shabby, guys. When you close your own deal with AOL, we’re all looking forward to a very plush signing party.

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