October 28, 2005
Men at the Women's British Open?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Michael McCann at Sports Law Blog points to a story that a male golfer plans on applying to enter the Women's British Open.  This golfer is obviously upset that the rare female golfer has been allowed to play in men's tournaments. 

How to fix this conundrum?  If we support very good female golfers playing against men in men's golf tournaments, then how do we stop (what I would call shameless) male golfers from flooding women's tournaments?  The distinction is hard to support without infantilizing women golfers and arguing for their inadequacies.  I have two suggestions:

1.  Have one British Open (or U.S. Open or whatever).  Give out awards for females and males and see what happens.  You already have amateurs and pros playing together.  Mix it up.  Have some fun.

2.  Have different tournaments based on weight/height/BMI/something.  If we find that the average professional male golfer has a better game than the average professional female golfer, figure out why.  Is it because of height, weight, what?  Then create categories for that, sort of like boxing.

Anyway, these are Friday morning before class ideas.  Give me yours.

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