October 21, 2005
Road Trip Destination: South Bend
Posted by Gordon Smith

I purchased tickets for the BYU v. Notre Dame football game about six months ago, and tomorrow morning, I will be driving to South Bend with my oldest son and another father-son pair. Male bonding galore. Plus we get a break from Harriet Miers.

When I purchased the tickets, I didn't know much about the quality of the two teams. Both have first-year coaches, after all. Notre Dame will always attract more talented players, as a whole, but I would not be surprised to see BYU staying close. Of course, everyone who follows college football knows what Notre Dame almost did last week, but past results are not a guarantee of future performance.

Two keys to the game: (1) Can BYU pressure ND's quarterback, Brady Quinn? (2) Can BYU's offensive line keep track of ND's faster defensive players? If BYU can do those two things, the game will be close. Otherwise, I think we will be looking at a blowout.

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