October 07, 2005
Searching for Clues to Miers' "Heart"
Posted by Christine Hurt

I do think that the poring over nominees' lives searching for clues as to whether the nominee will overturn Roe v. Wade is fascinating.  What do John Roberts' plaid pants tell us about him?  You get the picture.

I have found two interesting clues about Harriet Miers:  First, the Mommy Blawger's dad dated her.  Second, according to the USA Today, Miers is one of about 150 people who left Valley View Christian Church recently to form a new church:

Before returning to Washington, she attended Sunday worship at a hotel with Key and about 150 other evangelicals who recently left Valley View Christian Church to form a new church. Miers and the others left Valley View because they objected to changes designed to attract younger members, Key says.

From my post-marriage foray into the world of Protestant mega-churches, I'm going to guess that the "changes" involved either blue jeans or praise music. What we can glean about Miers from the fact that she doesn't like praise music, I'm not sure.

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