October 06, 2005
Wait till I get going! Where was I?
Posted by Gordon Smith

Organizers of the fifteenth annual Cultural Studies Conference at Kansas State University "hope to attract a diverse range of inquiries, methods, textual analyses, and historical perspectives," but if you want to be on this panel, you have your marching orders:

Papers on specific instances are welcomed, and papers considering a variety of issues and concerns:  tabloidization and the neutralization of the political; the personal as political; hypocritical Puritanism; the defense by offense; vast right wing conspiracies; "outing" as a political tactic; scandal amnesia; "spin" and tactical framing; true evil beneath the compassionate, Christian front; why nothing makes a difference; left tactics and despair; the politics of denial and shame; business secrecy vs. personal secrecy; liberal vs. conservative secret lives; sexual dysfunction in conservatives; Laura Bush's private life; scholarly muckraking and shockjocking.

Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

P.S. I am assured that (a) this is not a joke, and (b) this is not representative of the panels at the conference.

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