October 26, 2005
What's In a (Blog) Name?
Posted by Joe Miller

Larry Ribstein, getting into Dan Solove's fun on how to price a blog for sale, has a great post that questions what it is a blog sale would actually transfer to the buyer. Consumer preferences are, as the saying goes, sticky; and thus the blog as a brand has value to the buyer, so long as consumers will keep coming back for more. As Larry cogently explains,
"But what could Glenn Reynolds or I convey to a third party if the only person associated with the blog leaves? Possibly a buyer could capture something like the same audience if he's introduced and vetted by the previous owner. The seller’s talents probably aren’t unique. The new owner could mimic the previous writing style, take over many of the contacts, etc."
Interestingly, there's a real-life example of something not too different: Jeanne Phillips stepping into her mother's shoes as the author of the "Dear Abby" column. Ms. Phillips made her ghostwriting role public in 2000, but had been writing since 1987.

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