November 09, 2005
Andrea Yates' Conviction Reversed
Posted by Christine Hurt

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (the highest criminal court in Texas) let stand an appellate court ruling (1st App. -- Houston) reversing the 2002 conviction of Andrea Yates.  As you may recall, the jury in the case did not accept Yates' insanity defense and found her guilty of killing her five children.  One piece of evidence that may have tipped the balance was the state's psychiatrist who testified that Yates was not insane but calculating in her methods, borrowing from a Law & Order episode in which a mother drowned her children.  The only problem, of course, was that no such Law & Order episode ever aired.  The CNN story hints of a possible plea bargain that would place Yates in a psychiatric institution and spare the state a second trial.

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