November 04, 2005
Former Red Sox GM to Become Gambling ExPat?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Michael McCann at SportsLaw Blog reports that Theo Epstein, who recently stepped down as GM of the Red Sox at the young age of 31, has an offer he may or may not be able to refuse.  An online gambling site located in Costa Rica has offered him $2M/year plus mansion (with staff) to set the line for MLB games.

Hopefully, his mother will call him and tell him to decline.  Unless and until the U.S. government changes its stance on online betting, he would be resigning himself to 60-70 years of exile from MLB and possibly the U.S.  He'd be like Gregory Hines in White Nights who left the U.S. and moved to the Soviet Union only to find out that the U.S. wasn't so bad after all.  Mike thinks he's going to turn down the lucrative offer and be the next GM of the Washington Nationals.  I think that would be best.

Besides, I'm not even sure that being a GM is good practice for being an odds-maker.  Sort of like being a CEO then becoming a mutual fund manager.

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