December 09, 2005
Helping the Defense Effort
Posted by Christine Hurt

Eugene Volokh's posts this morning on whether anti-war speech harms the defense effort reminded me of a federal form that I filled out yesterday.  I was writing a recommendation for a student who was applying to the JAG corps.  The form that I was required to complete stated that my prompt completion of the form could "help the defense effort."  I thought that this was interesting.  The date on the form (last updated) was October 2005.  If anyone knows whether that instruction has always been on the form, let me know.  This would be a good instruction on tax forms.  Prompt paying of taxes may help the defense effort even more, right?

The form brought to mind the war poster collection at Texas law school, which were mostly located in the cafeteria known as Keeton's Casino (now renamed George's Cafe -- sorry Dean Keeton).  The posters reminded us that all kinds of things harmed the war effort, but mostly waste.  The posters never mentioned the prompt completion of forms.

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