December 21, 2005
"I Can't Believe that Anyone Lives Like That" -- NYT Style
Posted by Christine Hurt

Sunday, the NYT ran a piece on the lifestyle of the suburban and not-so-famous in Frisco, Texas, described as an "exurb" of Dallas.  (Who invented this word?)  When reading the piece, I got this "How Can People Live Like That?" feeling.  To believe the NYT, Frisco has exploded in the past few years to become a sprawling center of suburban angst where Dads spend hours on the freeway to get to downtown Dallas and never get to see their kids.  There's more than one high school now (gasp!) and traffic (gasp! gasp!)  My cousin lives in Frisco, and we have two sisters in Plano (a plain ol' "suburb"), so I was surprised to read that Frisco had gone to heck in a handbasket like that.  Well, today I visited ground zero of the urbania known as Frisco, Frisco Mall.  Frisco is just the same as it ever was and just the same as almost every other Texas suburb I know.  Gasp!  I think the take-away lesson is that Frisco is nothing like NYC, and can you believe that people live like that??

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