January 21, 2006
Audio Law Books?
Posted by Allison Christians

Christine's post about commuting for a visit at another law school reminded me of an idea I have that I just can't believe doesn't exist out there: why isn't some enterprising soul reading law books to sell to commuters as audio CDs or downloadable mp3s or what have you?  Start with your standard casebook, say in a first year course such as contracts or con law.  I would think there would be a fairly decent market for this product--among 1Ls certainly, but how about among law profs considering adoption of the book or lawyers wanting to refresh their memories on the subject, or potential law students wanting to gain a leg up before school starts? 

We hear all the time about how commuting is getting to be a bigger and bigger phenomenon around the country (remember that story in the NYT about Frisco, TX?).  Why not capitalize on professionals, would-be professionals, and other interested parties stuck in their cars?  Either (a) these things ARE out there and I'm just not aware of them or (b) they are not out there because they might cause accidents due to sleeping at the wheel.  But come on, listening to Smith & Williams on Biz Orgs while cruising along at 4am on the way to the office sounds like just the kind of way many people would like to start their day.

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