January 22, 2006
Brokeback Mountain: Setting, Characters, and what's the other thing?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Brokeback As we had a babysitter last night, we thought we would take in one of the movies that looked so good at the Golden Globes last week.  Unfortunately, Walk the Line has already come and gone from Milwaukee, so we wandered over to the "hip" theater (live organ music) to see Brokeback Mountain.  We were feeling very hip ourselves, until about two hours into the movie we were still waiting for the story to start.  Yes, the movie has gorgeous scenery, and the characters are interesting and novel for a mainstream love story.  But the plot was nowhere to be found.  I tried to sort of fill in a plot and imagine action and dialogue that took place off-camera just to keep my attention.  And could anyone else understand a word Heath Ledger said?  I've heard real cowboys will a jaw full of Copenhagen that were more articulate than he was.

So why is the movie so popular?  Do we all want to think of ourselves as the kind of people who would appreciate a love story between two men?  I do.  However, I would appreciate it more if there had been more story.

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