January 23, 2006
Bubble: The Future of Movies?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Bubble While at the movies this weekend, I saw the preview for Bubble, the newest movie by Steven Soderbergh, due out on Friday, January 27.  This film release is notable because on the same day, the movie will air on HDNet Movies, a high definition cable channel.  In addition, on Tuesday, January 31, the movie will be released on DVD.  (The promos say that these three releases are "simultaneous" because films are traditionally released on DVD on Tuesdays.)  This film may be something of an experiment.  For example, the film uses "non-professional" actors.  I assume they are cheaper than "professional" actors.  So, Mr. Soderbergh doesn't seem to be using the simultaneous release on films with Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt, but it's a fun experiment as long as the opportunity cost is low.

Popcorn But, I may be being too hard on this experiment.  Soderbergh has committed to making six films for HDNet, so we'll have to see how this works.  Larry Ribstein has said that the future of film is in the home, and he may be right.  I for one love to go the movies.  I love the previews; I love the popcorn.  If the future of film is in the home, I'll have to buy one of those $1,999.99 popcorn machines they sell in the airplane magazines.

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