January 26, 2006
Eminent Domain, Kelo, BB&T and CSR
Posted by Christine Hurt

Apropos of our ongoing Kelo discussion (see comments), Branch, Banking & Trust (BB&T)announced yesterday that it would not lend its financial power to developers building monuments to commercial taxation at the expense of residential landowners.  (Tip to Tyler Cowen at VC).  Specifically, the bank will not loan money to finance private projects on land that was taken from homeowners by eminent doman.  The bank's CEO and chairman stated:

The idea that a citizen's property can be taken by the government solely for private use is extremely misguided, in fact it's just plain wrong.

As others discuss whether Google's vow to protect its users against the government subpoena power is profit-sacrificing social responsibility, profit-seeking/brand-strengthening social responsibility, or expensive folly, I ponder the same questions about this move by BB&T.  These questions are answered in the Law.com article.  Although BB&T is the ninth largest bank, its customer base is almost entirely consumers.  The chief credit officer proudly admits that this new policy will not reduce revenues by even a "fraction of a percent."  In addition, Tom Merrill (Law - Columbia) is quoted as saying that banks will ultimately benefit by not loaning money for projects that may be held up for years in litigation and protests from anti-Kelo advocates.

So, it sounds like BB&T's strategy falls into the "profit-seeking social responsibility" category.

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1. Posted by dannunzio on January 14, 2007 @ 7:41 | Permalink

posting on all sites for help
Well I really don’t know where to start so I am going to start at the beginning; this will have to be a series of letter because this is a situation that has been going on for 6 months.
I will start with a small amount of information that has just recently occurred to show a reason for the writing of this letter.

My background

I have an account with BB&T, I have been with BB&T for over 8 years, I really never had any major problems with the Raeford Branch before (Main ST Raeford NC 28376) except for them being overly cautious, From the looks of me you would not know I was fairly wealthy and BB&T employees have always given my husband and I problems when we tried to get our money out of our business account. I am a very modest person and I live a modest life style. I had a business account and a personal account with BB&T in 1999 and the problems although minor created an embarrassment with our business clients so I moved the business account and my personal account to a completely different financial institute I did how ever leave an account open with BB&T for convenient purposes (I live one block from BB&T). My husband deposited his checks into this account and we dedicated certain personal bills and needs to this account. The account still played a major part in our person finances along with it being a learning account for my children, we teach home financing through this account for our teen aged boys, we homed school them part time and this is a coarse they are currently taking.

Current situation

On 01/08/07 My husband called BB&T in Raeford to ask how to properly deposit an insurance check. He was told to print the mortgage companies name at the top of the check and sign his name directly under the Mortgage companies name and then I should endorse the check also because he was depositing it into my checking account. I came home from work and I signed the check and went back to work, all day this bugged me, I kept questioning in my head and with other people in my office that something did not sound right with how we were told to endorse this insurance check It kept me up half the night, so on 01/09/07 at approx 8am I called my mortgage company and I told them what had taken place the day before, I was told it was fine they didn’t have a problem with how it was endorsed but they told me this was not the correct way to endorse an insurance check, my mortgage company should have signed it first and then I should have signed along with my husband James. This all transpired on Tuesday morning.
I then went on with my day , approx 10am I check my banking online statement and all funds were available, so I went and purchase items we needed to finish our bathroom I wrote a few checks totaling approx. $1100 and I made some check card purchases not amounting to much, only a few hundred dollars at the most.
Wednesday 07/10/07 I got hit with a bomb shell I checked my online statements as I normally do and my BB&T account was overdrawn. The Banks employee Wendy Chavis had removed the insurance check from my account for improper endorsement (which is really funny because she is the BB&T employee that told my husband how to endorse it in the first place). Disturbing in the least. I tried resolving the problem over the phone with Wendy Chavis but it very quickly became an argument when she mentioned fraud and I asked to speak with her supervisor. The supervisor got on the phone I ask her how do I resolve the problem what do I do with this check and she told me that my account was placed in a poor status and I would have to get the check take it to my mortgage company have them endorse it with a stamp they could not sign it, my mortgage company told me they don’t use a stamp and BB&T told me a signature was not good enough it must be a stamp, (this was another series of phone calls back and fourth from me Calling my mortgage company and relaying the message to BB&T bottom line there is no stamp they signed the check and stamp there address on it) and then I could redeposit the check and due to the status of my account the check would be held for approx 11 days
I was very upset at this point because now I have checks out there that will be coming in and they would bounce, but more than that I was upset because my character was being assaulted, the words fraud, improper endorsement of an insurance check was not terms I wanted associated with my name. I have been with BB&T for over 8 years and never in the past did I have to concern myself with my personal and financial information would be talked about on the streets of Raeford but within the last 6 months that is the main topic how BB&T employee discuss my financial info and personal info on the streets. Regardless of who I am this is very damaging but when you are in a spotlight because your family is in the political eye it is very very damaging to have this done to you. Because if your name is mentioned people listen. Also I am trying to run a respectable company and people trust me, but now that is all over town that I am a thief that steals checks, that is not considered a trust worthy person.

On 1/10/07 at 9:39 am Ms /////// ///// was in the Raeford branch of BB&T making a deposit. She heard the name /// /////////// is on the phone and Wendy Chavis was carrying on making comment about my account being overdrawn and laughing and so on (you will have to talk to ms ///// yourself because we don’t discuss petite details she just wanted to let me know I was once again the main topic of the town and the laughter was flowing freely at my expense) This is not right there were other customers in the bank and if Ms ////// heard the commotion then everyone else did because she said she was on the other side of the bank. ///////// was able to tell me what was going on with my account before I could tell her, she was able to tell me there was fraud involving a insurance check and I better contact my mortgage company and my account was in poor status at this time…see Ms /////// is my mother and she called to see if I was in financial trouble.. This is not the 1st time Wendy chavis has talk infront of or to others about me and my financial and personal information I will go into further detail about this on the following pages
The final outcome is my account was closed due to a trust conflict and I was told the account could be reopened at another branch and I wanted to just do my banking in another Bank other than Raeford BB&T. I don’t like change so as little as posisable change was what I was looking for

Updated information
Donna Horvath the Area manager just informed me my account was not closed due to improperly endorsing a check, it was closed due to a poor relationship with bank employees. This is news to me I didn’t relies there was a problem with the other employees, but due to resent information even the bank managers have a problem with me and are inventing lies about me now. This entire situation has been twisted to conveniently protect the bank employee Wendy Chavis from having to stop harassment towards other BB&T customers. I spoke with David Connelly at approx 4.45 pm on 01/10/07 and asked him if I open an account at another BB&T location would he have a problem with this, he said by no means would he have a problem and that the BB&T on Raeford rd in Fayetteville should call him and he would tell them he had no problem with me opening an account there. Today he has a problem with that and I am not allowed to open an account with any BB&T anywhere. He also suddenly don’t recall speaking to me a few days before Thanksgivings when I asked him why his employee Wendy Chavis was constantly harassing me at the drive through window. I told David at this time I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble I just wanted to be left alone while I was banking. The conflict at this time was Wendy Chavis informed me after 8-9 years of me having account with BB&T my husband could no longer deposit his payroll checks into my account. I called David and asked him was this true and if so I would abide by the rules. He told me not to be concerned with what she had told me and continue to bank the way I had in the past, that it was fine for my husband to deposit his checks in my account. And I repeated it back to him to insure we both understood what we were talking about. Now at this point in time he don’t recall this conversation at all so once again I am being called a liar. But the thing is I was at a family reunion and there were many of people in the room when I had this conference call with David on a speaker phone(it was the only way I could here him and I apologized for that at the time) But he has memory loss at this time.

Well I will have to finish this letter later because there is so much more to tell you, I would like to get this letter in circulation to coincide with a letter I am writing to our local news paper about an incident that occurred at BB&T a few months ago I made a deposit through the ATM at BB&T in Raeford and my husbands check came up missing out of my account and when I went to BB&T to ask what had happen I was told that along with a bunch of other customers our checks and deposits were stolen out of their ATM overnight, well a few days later an employee of BB&T in Raeford told me Wendy Chavis had our deposits. When my husband demanded they call Wendy Chavis while we were there and tell her to get back to the bank with our deposits they did indeed call her while we were standing there and they left a message on her machine to contact them and tell them were the checks were. She came back to work a few days later and suddenly all our original checks and deposits had reappeared.
There is so much more to tell and I am going to tell it, I am trying to gather enough people together to prove my honesty this has been an embarrassment to me and my entire family, but there is many more customers that will come forward once the letter to the editor is released asking them to come forward and attaching my phone # for them to contact someone they can trust. I will also contact the Better Business Bureau and the trouble shooters of channel 5 local TV. Its amazing that all I wanted was to have a Bank account and to be left alone, but now at this point all I want is a letter of apology from the employees of BB&T in Raeford for telling so many lies about me.
Thank you

my 2nd account has been closed and not because of anything except conflict with bank tellers(they harassed me so I cant have an account?????????). I was told I could open a new account from the manager of Raeford BB&T so to avoid any confrontations I opened it on line. The next day I was contacted and told they closed that account because of conflicts with tells on site.

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