January 30, 2006
Jesus as Character Witness
Posted by Christine Hurt

OK, that title is a little over the top.  Neither Lay nor Skilling have put Jesus on their witness list.  However, Lay has two pastors of megachurches on his character witness list.  Lay attends First United Methodist Church and his pastor will vouch for him, but Lay will also call Dr. Ed Young to the stand.  No one else in Houston would come as close to matching the impact that Jesus or any biblical figure would have as a character witness.  Dr. Young is the pastor of Second Baptist Church, the single largest adult ministry in the United States, and fairly loved in Houston.  I think the calling of men of the cloth as character witnesses here is fascinating, and I look forward to seeing what effect it has on the jury (if we ever know).  Of course, Lay may get a new trial if Judge Lake has to strike all jurors that attend Second Baptist, which could be all of them.

(And yes, I am coming close to liveblogging the livebloggers.  That's seems kind of pathetic, I guess.)

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