January 17, 2006
SinceSlicedBread Contest
Posted by Christine Hurt

Slicedbread The SinceSlicedBread contest is hosted by the Service Employees International Union and asks for common sense ideas from ordinary people.  Amazingly, I know one of the ordinary people whose idea is one of 7 finalists out of 22,000 ideas.  A high school classmate of mine, David Cochran, now a professor of political science at Loras College, sent an email to a group letting us know of the opportunity to vote online but graciously stressing that we should feel no obligation to vote for his idea or register with the site.  Because he was so gracious, I not only voted but will also put out this public announcement.

I know that many of our readers may not be amenable to contests run by unions or by contests to solve complex economic problems in 175 words or less, but the upside of this post is quite high.  The winner gets $100,000.  Wow.  So, if you go to look at the seven finalists, take a look at "A Flat Tax to Save Social Security."

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