January 17, 2006
Thanks for the welcome
Posted by Allison Christians

Thanks so much for the warm welcome--it's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to chime in on the Conglomerate.  I'll be brief with my first chiming; as the topic of the day seems to be executive comp, I'll just add a few interesting numbers complied by John Perkins: "Back in 1980 the average American chief executive earned 40 times as much as the average manufacturing employee. For the top tier of American CEOs, the ratio is now 475:1 and would be vastly greater if assets, in addition to income, were taken into account. By way of comparison, the ratio in Britain is 24:1, in France 15:1, in Sweden 13:1."  Perkins implies it is the spread of information like this that stirs anti-American sentiment around the world.  Dire thoughts indeed.  I am surprised that the numbers in Europe are so different than our own--but then this is a small sampling.  Perhaps the ratios in Japan, Germany, etc. are much closer to our own.  It would also be interesting to know where places like India and China come out in these measures.  Is an ever-increasing ratio an inevitable feature of economic development?

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