January 29, 2006
The Enron Trial Begins
Posted by Gordon Smith


We are on the eve of the Enron trial, and the first order of business is to select a jury. Christine can probably tell us more about the feelings of Houstonians toward Enron, but I found this tidbit interesting:

Edward J. Bronson, a jury consultant from California who was hired by the defense to study the potential juror responses, noted that among 280 questionnaires, "greed" appeared 272 times and "crook" appeared 55 times.

Hmm. Nice soundbite, but I wonder what questions elicited those responses. How about this: "Assume for the sake of argument that one of the largest corporations in the world collapsed after investors discovered that the corporation's financial statements were grossly misleading. What could have motivated the senior officers of the company to participate in such deception?"

People are expecting this trial to last for months, which should give us plenty of fodder for discussion. I would not be surprised to see both Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling acquitted, but perhaps the government's case is stronger than I expect.

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