January 18, 2006
What's Liberal About Eminent Domain?
Posted by Christine Hurt

Jolie Months later, I'm still confused as to why anyone would support the Kelo decision, including liberals.  I consider myself a liberal, and I hate Kelo.  What's liberal about a forced sale of low-income producing properties to allow for development by a private third party?  Today, Peter Lattman at the WSJ Blog calls eminent domain "Business Law's Angelina Jolie."  I hope Angelina's people call to complain.  From a distance, Ms. Jolie seems like a thoughtful person of substance.  I can't see her partnering up with Pfizer to jazz up the neighborhood a little at the expense of others.

Spurring this thread today is a NYT article on current uses of eminent domain power and the threat of such power.  Todd Zywicki posts on the vulnerability of entities that do not generate tax revenues, such as churches, to eminent domain. 

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