February 19, 2006
Howard Eisenberg's Do-Gooders Auction
Posted by Christine Hurt

Friday night, the Public Interest Law Society at Marquette held their annual Do-Gooder's Auction, named after our late dean, Howard Eisenberg.  For the third year in a row, I auctioned off dinner at my house, featuring southern favorites and a sing-a-long.  Some very brave students bid the dinner up to $750, so now the pressure is on!  I feel like the restaurant that makes the $30 hamburger with foie gras or truffles or whatever.  We'll have to pull out all the stops.

Entourage I am most excited, however, by what I won at the auction.  I won a student.  For the low price of $60, a student of mine will be my "entourage for a day."  I've been thinking all day about what my entourage can do for me.  Obviously, I will not be driving that day.  Or going to the cafe to get my green tea.  Or making copies.  Or carrying anything in my hands at all.  Also, theme music will follow me wherever I go.  I wonder if babysitting is included?  After everything I say, I want my entourage to say, "You go, girl."

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