February 09, 2006
Should Lay Have Gone Solo?
Posted by Christine Hurt

The Enron trial is dragging on and on, but Joel Androphy asks this question:  Should Lay have requested a separate trial?  So far, the questioning has been all about Skilling.  Skilling said this, Skilling knew that.  Very little testimony so far has pointed any fingers at Ken Lay.

On one hand, Lay may have benefitted from having his own trial, where he could have blamed everything on Jeff Skilling.  But, then Skilling may have testified against him.  In this joint defense, Lay may still come off looking like the distant uncle of Enron because the bulk of the testimony focuses on Skilling.  Lay can still play the "See no evil" card. 

Or, perhaps we're seeing the Prisoner's Dilemma game being played very well when the two prisoner's can communicate.

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