February 13, 2006
The Olympics: A Study in 'Tude
Posted by Christine Hurt

Snowboarding Did everyone else love watching the snowboarders?  They have to be the coolest people in the Olympic Village.  I like how when they completely blow it, they sort of laugh and say, "What can you do?"  Meanwhile, if a female figure skater on the U.S. team gets the silver medal, she has to cry for six months and go to therapy.  If (when) my kids are in the Olympics, I'm going to tell them that if they get the silver or the bronze and then cry out of sadness, I'm going to beat the tar out of them.  On international television.  Maybe the figure skaters and snowboarders should reproduce and create athletes who have a lot of ambition but a keen sense of perspective.

Did you notice that some of the snowboarders were listening to their iPods while they were skateboarding?  We think that law students can't learn law and IM at the same time, but here are people who are turning in their Olympic performances while listening to [insert hip band here].

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