February 23, 2006
To the North Woods!
Posted by Gordon Smith

I am spending the next couple of days in Eagle River, Wisconsin -- "Where Great Times Come With the Territory!" I am taking my children snowmobiling for the first time. We had hoped to do this over the holidays, but the warm weather thwarted us. Now, we are seizing the opportunity provided by the recent blizzard. I assume blogging over the next few days will be light ...


UPDATE: That photo above could have been taken on Saturday morning, as two of my sons and I returned the snowmobiles to the rental company. We departed our cabin in darkness at 6 am and rode for two hours, watching the sun rise over a tree-lined horizon. We were the first snowmobilers on the trail, which the groomer had just shaped into a smooth white ribbon through the woods. At one point, I noticed fresh deer tracks on the trail. I stopped my sled and looked to the right, where I saw a herd of about ten does staring back at me from 20 yards. Truth be told, I felt guilty at disrupting their morning with that noisy machine. Although I probably would have preferred to be hiking at that moment, it was pretty exciting to travel 60 mph across a frozen lake or open field.

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