February 09, 2006
Posted by Christine Hurt

Univision_1 )QuiJn Quiere Comprar Univision?  I suppose the better question is )QuiJn Puede Comprar Univision?  Univision Communications, a media company that owns, among other things, the Spanish-language television station Univision, is putting itself on the block.  The sale is natural; the controlling shareholder and chairman is 75 years old and tired of the wrangling.  However, the question remains of who would like to buy the station and, more importantly, who will be able to buy the station under FCC regulations.  Usual suspects such as NBC and Viacom will be hampered by law, and others such as Disney, are busy with other acquisitions.  Private equity may buy Univision, or Grupa Televisa SA, a Mexican company that already provides Unvision with content, may try a vertical merger.

Televisa produced my favorite telenovella, La Usurpadora.  Soap operas are a great way to learn a language.  The vocabulary is very small, and people tend to say the same thing over and over again.   

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