March 21, 2006
SSRN Entrepreneurship & Law Journal
Posted by Victor Fleischer

The Kauffman Foundation is sponsoring a new Entrepreneurship & Law Journal on SSRN.  I'll be serving as editor of the journal.  I'm excited both to give something back to SSRN and also to get involved with Kauffman, which has been supporting research in the entrepreneurship area for years.  And of course it dovetails nicely with my move to entrepreneurship-friendly Boulder.

As you would expect, the journal will publish working papers and accepted papers that touch on entrepreneurship & the law, broadly conceived.  So we won't just look at regulation and intellectual property law (though plenty of that, don't worry) ... but also contract design, incentives, and all the stuff that substitutes or complements enforcement in the courts, like reputation.  I'm also hoping to pick up papers that talk about the ways that law is affected by network theory, diffusion of innovations, social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and all that good stuff. 

So ... when you submit your next paper on SSRN, please be sure to check out the ERPN (Entrepreneurship Research Paper Network) and check the Entrepreneurship & Law box if your paper fits.  I'm hoping that the network will have a large audience of finance and B-school scholars as well as law profs.  I will plug interesting papers here on the Glom as time permits.

You can subscribe to the journal by clicking here.  (If you are having trouble, please let me know by email.) 

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