April 15, 2006
A Ferris Bueller Day
Posted by Christine Hurt

Ferris Yesterday was a "Ferris Bueller" Day here in Milwaukee.  In a month which in Milwaukee can be snowy, drizzly, cold, gray, or all of the above, the temperature yesterday was 83 degrees, and the skies were blue, blue, blue.  Marquette was closed for Good Friday, the public schools were closed for Spring Break, and our preschool was closed for Passover.  So, the kids and I and the rest of the neighborhood, like Ferris, had the sense to take the day off.  We went on bike adventures, bought Easter shoes, set up the sprinkler for all the little girls on our block, had popsicles outside, and walked to a neighborhood deli for dinner.  At the end, we were tired, but it was that "good kind of tired."

I never understood Ferris until we moved to Milwaukee.  Ferris wakes up in April or May of his senior year and realizes that the day is too brilliant to go to school.  As a high schooler in Texas, this did not move me.  Most days are warm, sunny and brilliant.  Ah, but Ferris goes to school in the Chicago suburbs where there are only a handful of these kind of days.  I know from living in Milwaukee, that you have to make hay while the sun shines.  Only the most soulless creature could work or go to school should our town be gifted with one of these magical days.  You even have to wait until the next day to blog about it.

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