April 29, 2006
Chicklet Outbreak
Posted by Gordon Smith

In our sidebar. Options for keeping track of blogs have multiplied over the past year, and we have not been keeping pace. Today, while sitting in the airport, I did some updating on our sidebar. I am afraid that I overdid it, but I am blaming the Chicklet Creator, which made it too easy.

The point of all of those chicklets, by the way, is to facilitate your access to the content here at Conglomerate. Click on any of them and you will be led to a service that allows you to have our posts sent to your email or collected in an aggregator.

I have been using Bloglines, but if anyone has another favorite, I would be interested to hear recommendations.

UPDATE: Our Atom feed is not updating. I have asked Typepad for assistance. Others have noticed similar problems. If you have a fix, I would owe you a debt of gratitude.

UPDATE UPDATE: Ok, the Atom feed is fixed. My new template was just fine, but I forget to check the box that instructs the feed to update when we save a new post. Ugh!

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