April 14, 2006
Geoff Manne to Microsoft
Posted by Gordon Smith

Geoff_dog Geoff Manne is known to all of you as my replacement at Lewis & Clark Law School. Oh, and he co-founded Truth on the Market, too. Anyway, he announced yesterday that he is leaving Lewis & Clark for Microsoft. Geoff will be the "Academic Relations Manager," and he makes a game attempt at explaining what that is in his post.

Though he is technically on leave from Lewis & Clark, he doesn't sound like someone who is looking over his shoulder. He ends his post with these questions:

Whom do you know who has left a full-time, tenure or tenure-track legal academic position to work in a law firm or business or government or elsewhere, never to return to academia? And why doesn’t it happen more often?

I'll take the last one: because being an academic is a great job, and tenure means that you have it for life. Most of us feel like we can have as much (or more) influence on the world from our spot in the ivory tower than we would in most long-term positions. There are lots of short-term gigs that might be exciting -- working for government or industry or internationally -- but most such jobs are trysts, not marriages.

Before I say "We'll miss you, Geoff," I want to know: will you keep blogging at TOTM?

P.S. Will you have to keep track of your hours at Microsoft?

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