June 13, 2006
2006 Junior Tax Scholars Conference
Posted by Victor Fleischer

Lily Batchelder (NYU), Miranda Perry (Colorado), and I will be hosting the first annual Junior Tax Scholars Conference this weekend here in Boulder.  The participants are:

Lily Batchelder (NYU)
Craig Boise (Case)
Neil Buchanan (Rutgers)
Adam Chodorow
(Arizona State)
Allison Christians (Wisconsin)
Steven Dean
Michael Doran (Virginia)
Vic Fleischer (Colorado)
David Gamage (Emerging Scholars Program, Texas)
David Hasen (Michigan)
Kristin Hickman (Minnesota)
Ruth Mason (Connecticut)
Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame)
Ajay Mehrotra (Indiana)
Miranda Perry (Colorado)
Alex Raskolnikov (Columbia)
Adam Rosenzweig (VAP, Northwestern)
David Walker (Boston University)

The full conference schedule is below.  A couple of notes:

Why it's juniors only.  I'm quite proud of the little website I put together for the conference, but we've kept it password-protected to keep our first drafts and paper ideas away from the prying eyes of potentially critical senior colleagues.  One goal of limiting the conference to juniors, after all, is to make the conference a safe space for us to brainstorm.  Some participants are presenting nearly finished papers, but most of us will be bouncing around ideas based on five page abstracts/outlines.  We hope this will serve as a useful opportunity for us junior folks to work out our ideas while they're still fresh, at a point when problems can be fixed, new avenues of research can still be explored, and new ways of tackling a problem pursued. 

Resources.  We have been delighted at the interest people have in participating, and we regret not having the financial resources to fully open up the conference.   

Inspiration.  Many of us attended a junior taxprof conference two years ago in Berkeley, where Alan Auerbach, Joel Slemrod and Louis Kaplow schooled us in the basics of public finance.  And in the past I've also enjoyed attending the "May Gathering," a mostly-junior lawprof conference hosted by Rich Schragger and Risa Goluboff.   

On-Line Workshop.  David Gamage and I will be hosting an on-line junior taxprof workshop starting in August/September.  The announcement and call for papers will follow once we've worked out a few more details. 


Friday June 16

8:45 - 9:00

Continental Breakfast

9:00 - 9:15


Panel 1:  Business Tax Issues


David Walker, Accounting and Corporate Behavior  
Commentators:  Vic Fleischer, Alex Raskolnikov


Vic Fleischer, Two and Twenty: Partnership Profits in Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Funds  
Commentators: David Hasen, David Walker


David Hasen, Retroactivity in Legal Transitions  
Commentators: Neil Buchanan, Alex Raskolnikov


Alex Raskolnikov, A Social Cost of Social Norms
Commentators: David Hasen, Vic Fleischer



Panel 2: Historical Perspectives on Current Tax Issues


Ajay Mehrotra, From Labor to Capital: The Roots and Transformation of Tax Preferences for Capital Income 
Commentators: Adam Chodorow, Vic Fleischer


Adam Chodorow, Tithing and Taxes
Commentators: Lily Batchelder, Lloyd Mayer



Working Lunch
Discussion Topic: Tax Scholarship Strategies

Panel 3: Public Finance/Budgeting


Neil Buchanan, Social Security Financing  
Commentators: Lily Batchelder, David Gamage


Michael Doran, Generational Accounting in Federal Fiscal Policy 
Commentators: Neil Buchanan, David Gamage


David Gamage, Coping with the Rollercoaster Effects of Balanced Budget Constraints
Commentators: Steven Dean, Michael Doran



Panel 4: Tax and Social Policy


Miranda Perry, Why Limit Charity? Exploring the Income Tax Charitable Deduction AGI Limits
Commentators: Lloyd Mayer, Ajay Mehrotra


Lily Batchelder, Inheritance Tax Proposal  
Commentators: Michael Doran, Miranda Perry


Lloyd Mayer, Regulating Political Activity: Tax Law and the IRS vs. Election Law and the FEC
Commentators: Kristin Hickman, Miranda Perry



Conference Dinner at the Kitchen (with spouses/sig others)

Saturday, June 16


Continental Breakfast

Panel 5: International Tax Issues


Craig Boise, Deferral, Repatriation Incentives and the Utility of Amnesties 
Commentators: Allison Christians, Ruth Mason


Ruth Mason, Subsidies and Free Markets: State Tax Discrimination in the US and Europe
Commentators: Craig Boise, Allison Christians, Kristin Hickman


Allison Christians, Treaties, Executive Agreements and Foreign Policy Power 
Commentators: Craig Boise, Ruth Mason, Ajay Mehrotra


Steven Dean, Tax Flight Treaties: Designing and Effective Solution to the Tax Haven Problem
Commentators: Allison Chirstians, Ruth Mason, Adam Rosenzweig



Panel 6: Administrative Law Issues


Kristin Hickman, Coloring Outside the Lines: Examining Treaury's (Lack of) Adherence to APA Procedural Requirements  
Commentators: Adam Chodorow, Adam Rosenzweig


Adam Rosenzweig: Elective Tax Fictions in a Purposive World: Can an Elective Tax Fiction be Abusive?  
Commentators: Steven Dean, David Walker


12:15 - 1:15


2:00 - 4:00

Hiking in the nearby Flatirons
(Details to be provided)


Informal dinner at Brasserie 1010

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