June 01, 2006
Back in the Day
Posted by TomJoo

Remember immediately after Enron collapsed, the big story was the loss of employees’ retirement savings tied up in Enron stock?

Remember how Ken Lay’s 11th-hour trades were seen not just as “insider trading” (whatever that is) but as stabbing Enron employee-investors and retirees in the back?

And remember how Congress then leaped into action, ignoring the cheap thrills of perp walks and "corporate governance reform" and instead reforming 401(k) and IRA legislation to encourage wise investment and portfolio diversification and safeguard the privatized portion of our national retirement system to avoid future multibillion-dollar losses by legions of middle-class retirees who invested their 401(k) dollars unwisely and end up seeking public assistance in their golden years?

Oh wait...Never mind.

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