July 09, 2006
Fortuitous Chancery Visit
Posted by Gordon Smith

Those who saw me at the Law & Society Annual Meeting probably noticed a beautiful young girl by my side. That was my daughter, Eve. We used the conference as an excuse for some Daddy-Daughter time. As it turned out, the least expensive airline ticket we could find took us to Washington, D.C. on the day before the conference, so we toured the Capitol and visited several monuments. We also enjoyed the International Spy Museum. It requires a fair amount of reading, so young children may not enjoy it, but adults and teens should be enthralled. At least I can say that we were.

We also took a brief trip to Delaware, where Eve was born. (She had not been in Delaware since I entered academe, just prior to her first birthday.) This trip was not meticulously planned, so I didn't realize until we were well along that we would be passing through Georgetown, home to the chambers of Chancellor William Chandler in the beautiful new Court of Chancery. Of course, I was displaying the Wisconsin colors:

When I first suggested to Eve that we pay the Chancellor a visit, she wasn't very excited. ("He's a judge?") At the end of our trip, she cited this as one of the highlights, a tribute to the Chancellor's graciousness. Once we made it past the security guard (whose name is "Rocky Justice" ... I am not kidding), Chancellor Chandler gave us a tour of the courthouse. Among other things, Eve was allowed to sit in the Chancellor's chair and hold the gavel, but I won't publish that photo or you might be jealous.

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