July 04, 2006
Happy 4th!
Posted by Gordon Smith

It's been a relaxing day here, beginning with a long stage in the Tour de France, which inspired my wife and me to take a ride of our own. We drove to Devil's Lake, a beautiful state park about 30 miles north of Middleton, and decided to try some of the trails there. (Yes, if we were real cyclists, we would simply have ridden our bikes to Devil's Lake, but in my case, the cost of the ambulance outweighs the benefits.)

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared for the flat tire, which struck about 10 minutes after we started (and nearly ended in a crash). We ended up hiking the East Bluff Trail, instead.

After the hike, I finally had the opportunity to eat at the Blue Spoon Cafe in Prairie du Sac. If you haven't been, the concept is "upscale Culver's." Though not too far upscale. The menu features sandwiches and gelato.

Which reminds me, how about that Italian soccer team? I was sad to see the Germans lose, but they had a nice run.

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