August 18, 2006
"Enterprise 2.0" Removed From Wikipedia
Posted by Gordon Smith

Apropos my post yesterday on Web 2.0, The Ponderings of Woodrow rants against Wikipedia's decision to delete the removal of "Enterprise 2.0" from Wikipedia. Here is the explanation from Wikipedia Artw, who made the change:

Neologism of dubious utility. I can find examples of it's use online but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on what it means other than "sort of like Web2.0, but businessy"

Here is the best part of Woodrow's rant:

For someone who's assailing the validity of a neologism, does anyone else find it downright ridiculous that he used the term "businessy?" in defense of the deletion? "Businessy?!?!?"...if that half-cocked neologism isn't a clear indication of just how out of focus the editor is with the business world, I don't know what more needs to be said.

HT Venture Chronicles.

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