August 15, 2006
Flat Top Grill
Posted by Gordon Smith

Tonight, I took my sons to the Flat Top Grill, a "create your own stir-fry restaurant." It is a fun concept, but the learning curve is steep. Check out the website, where they explain the system. Now imagine the servers explaining that to everyone who walks in. It was pretty chaotic, and in a group of four, I suspect that at least one person is destined to make some bad choices. In our group, only half of us were pleased with the result, and one of my sons thought his was inedible. (They removed that one from the bill because he had followed the server's recommendations!)

So far they have only 10 locations, but if you are close to one of those, it's worth a try. My tip: unless you are experienced as assembling stir fry, stick with the "recipies" until you have the feel for it. Oh, and get the Indian flatbread by adding a blue stick to your bowl. Mmmm, good.

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