August 18, 2006
Haggling Poll
Posted by Gordon Smith

The W$J's Weekend Edition discusses haggling:

Most people don't think twice about bargaining when it comes to something big, like a new car or home. But getting a price cut on smaller things -- cable bills, doctors' fees, electronics goods -- can be surprisingly easy: Just ask.

That goes against the grain for millions of Americans.... The good news is, in many situations, it's getting easier to ask for, and get, a price break. Increasingly, retailers and others are empowering rank-and-file employees to give discounts. At hotels, for example, most desk clerks can give 10% to 25% off the advertised rate, whereas a few years ago that might have required a discussion with the manager, says Rick Doble, a discount-advice writer and accomplished haggler.

Hmm. Obviously, I need to rethink my shopping strategies. No sense leaving that $20 bill on the sidewalk. What about you?

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