September 25, 2006
Do you want to increase your SSRN downloads?
Posted by Fred Tung

So begins Tracey George's post over at ELS, where she's guest blogging this week.  She reminds us that few topics produce more downloads than a paper on law school rankings, and especially one that introduces a new ranking system.  Last year, Tracey wisely wrote such a paper, ranking schools based on their empirical legal scholarship (ELS).  860 downloads as of today.  Hmmm, not bad.  I remember Emory doing relatively well in that ranking, so I circulated the abstract among my faculty when the paper first came out.  Tracey has now revised the paper (and assured me that Emory would do even better in this revised version) and set up a tantalizing schedule of upcoming blogging episodes.  Over the course of the week, she'll be discussing her three measures of institutional ELS success--professors with social science doctorates, professors with second appointments in social science departments, and articles in ELS-oriented publications.  In the spirit of reality TV everywhere, she's going to make us wait until Friday to see the revised rankings.  Stay tuned.

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