September 25, 2006
"She's a great devotee of privacy"
Posted by Gordon Smith

That was Patricia Dunn's lawyer. He calls her situation "ironic." I was thinking "hypocritical." It's easy to be a "great devotee of privacy" when people are looking at you, but much harder when you have the authority.

Anyway, Dunn is not playing along with CEO Mark Hurd's scapegoating plan, and new information suggests that Hurd's attempt to portray the illegal activities as confined to the second part of the investigation (called "KONA II") will not hold up:

On Friday, Mr. Hurd focused his criticism on KONA II, and the failure of managers, including himself, to ensure that proper procedures were followed. But the most legally questionable tactic -- obtaining phone records by impersonating a phone user, or "pretexting" -- apparently was also used during the first phase of the investigation, according to a newly obtained [report from Security Outsourcing Solutions Inc., a Boston-area detective agency that HP used in the investigations], dated July 19, 2005.

The report shows that the cellphone records of Wall Street Journal reporter Pui-Wing Tam were obtained for calls made between mid-April and mid-June of 2005. Home phone records of calls made by Ms. Fiorina between late December 2004 and mid-April 2005 were also examined. The latter date is two months after she left the company.

Thursday's hearing before the House Committee on Energy on Commerce should be interesting.

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